The failing National Review remains as clueless as ever on Donald Trump


Some people just never learn. And others are gluttons for punishment.

National Review checks both boxes. And yes, National Review is still a thing. Contrary to what many folks would guess, the publication still hasn’t officially gone under. It is still around and alleging to speak for American conservatives.

My total guess is they found some gullible donors willing to keep them afloat.

In any case, National Review is more self-righteous and smug than ever—which is extra annoying when exhibited by people with nothing to back it up.

The editors and at least some of their writers seem to believe they are finally going to stop Donald Trump this time. Their confidence level seems remarkably high for people who failed so miserably when Trump ran so successfully the first time in 2016.

Early in the process that year National Review published a January 22, 2016, cover story entitled “Conservatives against Trump” which was a compilation of individual missives from 22 self-appointed conservative leaders. Each penned their little essay on why Donald Trump was a terrible choice for conservatives.

At the time I thought the whole thing was ridiculous. I stood-up for Donald Trump with my own piece entitled “National Review just handed Donald Trump the Election” in which I mocked the detractors and called them “The Gang of 22.”

You can read my piece HERE—or better yet go HERE to watch Donald Trump reading my piece at three of his campaign rallies in January 2016, two in Iowa and one in New Hampshire.

Whatever doubts anyone might have had about Donald Trump’s conservative bona fides should have been laid to rest after four years as president where the man proved himself a more successful champion of conservative principles than even Ronald Reagan.

The good news is most Republicans do get it now, and it is highly unlikely National Review could even rustle-up enough recognizable names for another Gang of 22—or if they did the names would be toxic for any Trump challenger hoping to win the nomination of today’s GOP.

Donald Trump changed the Republican Party significantly for the better. Under Trump’s leadership the GOP became a get-things-done party, instead of what it used to be, a sit-around-and-just-talk-about-stuff party.

National Review may long for the days of sitting-around-and-just-talking-about-stuff, but most Republican voters have moved on from the party’s failed past, thanks to Donald Trump.